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May 29th, 2024

Graffiti Removal Products

Futur Graffiti Solutions Inc. uses the best and most effective graffiti removal solutions in the industry our environmentally friendly products are exclusively developed and produced by Futur Chemie GmbH, Germany, who have  been removing graffiti very successfully for over 25 years.
ZykloSan  LF

ZykloSan LF®

A liquid Graffiti remover that is suited for any type of surface. Most effective in removal from a Ag 604 treated surface and very good on lacquered backgrounds like Buses, Automobiles, Trucks & Railroad Car´s, specially with numerous layered sealers.

ZykloSan  S

ZykloSan S®

A liquid Graffiti remover who can remove any type of graffiti from many different surfaces. Especially from very hard to remove and/or aged graffiti. Extremely effective in killing bacteria, it disinfects the underlying surface and can be used/applied in below zero temperatures and on Trains & Buses.

ZykloSan  SP

ZykloSan SP®

ZykloSan SP is a soft, creamy paste with a pleasant odor that will effortlessly remove all graffiti from any type of surface. Most effective on absorbent backgrounds like Concrete, Brick, Stone & Ceramic tiles, and stucco. It provides a permanent protective coating for all surfaces treated.



A very pleasant smelling liquid Graffiti remover, extremely effective in removing graffiti from sensitive & smooth surfaces... specially developed for Plexiglas, Synthetic materials, and any other type of plastic surface as well as Marble & Granite tops or wall´s.
Shadow  Remover

Shadow Remover®

This product has been developed for Graffiti removal from Wood, Sandstone, and delicate Synthetic materials. Best results are achieved on Automobiles, Trucks, Trailers, and Buses - interiors or exteriors as well as every type of building wall. It will also remove oil & grease spots and graphite smudges. It can not be used on any type of aluminum surface.
AG 604

AG 604 ® Protective Coating

AG 604 is a breathable, transparent protective liquid ideally suitable for exterior and interior surfaces - it prevents any type of color graffiti from absorption into the background and also is very effective in protecting any surface, if correctly applied, for over 5 years.

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